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What is My Cargo Agent and Book Track deliver?
Both are simple customer management systems for freight forwarders and any business that finds it useful. My Cargo Agent is a commercial version of Book Track Deliver, MCA is a stand alone system hosted on user’s domain and server. My Cargo Agent (MCA) is packed full of more features that Book Track Deliver  (BTD) with a separate super admin to manage  all features. Book Track Deliver (BTD) is a free version with almost all the functions of MCA and suitable for forwarders with low budget or startups.
How would this help my business?
Is the system meant only for freight forwarders?
How much is the commercial version - My cargo Agent?
How much is the hosted version Book Track deliver?
Are we guaranteed of technical support for these systems?
Can we request more features?
Can I transfer my data from BTD to MCA if I feel like upgrading ?
Is my Data protected on BTD and MCA ?
Do you have a proper documentation for these systems?